Top Five Favourite Beatles Songs

The Top Five game is something that I’ve played ever since I read High Fidelity back in the early 2000s. It’s a fun little way to pass the time, and in my experience, is great to play with friends on road trips.  The idea of a Top Five list appeals to my indecisive nature — I don’t have to choose only one favourite, I can have five!!  Traditionally, the most difficult Top Five list for me has been Favourite Beatles Songs.  Choosing number one is easy, and number two is a breeze, but number three? And four?  There are just too many fab songs to choose from!  I grew up listening to the Beatles.  They are my favourite band of all time, and I can’t remember a time in my life when this wasn’t so.  For me there’s the Beatles, and then everything else.  Okay, so I may have gone through a pretty hardcore New Kids on the Block phase circa 1989, and fully embraced the grunge phenomenon of the early 90s, but in my heart of hearts, the Beatles were always number one.  Recently I’ve been preparing to sing at a British Invasion themed event, so of course the Beatles are on my mind.  So in honour of this event, and the 50th anniversary of Beatlemania spreading across the Atlantic, here are my Top Five Favourite Beatles Songs!

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